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What is a "Screen Out"?



  • Nqobile Nkosi

    I cant complete surveys its been a while. But I get invited on my email and sms

  • Gouwa-lillah

    I have the same problem. I get invited for surveys but never get to complete them and when I do the validation it shows me to repeat it even if I fill in the correct details. The surveys on my homepage I enter to complete them but same problem. I've lost over $10 in surveys

  • Noelleopenda

    Hi, I did a survey on a certain detergent and when almost it hanged out. I didn't finish, will I be credited?

  • Elizabeth ndulu

    Hi my question is this where to start now

  • Shaneceylon14

    I struggle now for months everytime I receive surveys when it's there the system don't want me to complete it I can see it but cannot not do it and and keep on getting new surveys but though luck for me no hope to complete


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